Window blinds & Child Safety – its everyones business!

Window Blinds Safe for Children!

Window blinds and child safety is the new HOT topic of this month, if you have internal window blinds with hanging or looped cords  it is advisable you have child safety devices fitted to all those blinds to prevent accidents with young children.

All companies involved in manufacturing, supplying and installing internal window blinds must offer advice to customers on devices that can be installed to prevent accidents related to window blinds. New regulation which could come into effect by early 2014 will enforce this further making it a legal requirement.

If you have any concerns about blinds and child safety you can click here and find out what you can do to reduce the risk, you will also find additional links where you can visit and find more information.

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Don’t risk it make all blinds safe! We will keep you posted.

Colourfulblinds Team