Vertical Blinds and Conservatory Blinds

Vertical blinds have been used in residential and commercial buildings for many years. Vertical blinds been in the business for many years selling and installing window blinds, i wanted to do something new and add colour to a room, and when i got the opportunity thats exactly what i did, as continuing to use the normal colours of cream and naturals was getting a little boring, here i am referring to single tone colours.

The very first opportunity led me to suggest a two tone colour in naturals which was for my customer within a conservatory. The idea was to keep in with the current theme of natural colours, on the other hand to add more colour to vertical blinds allowing them to stand out and at the same time to blend in with the furniture, For this conservatory the natural colour of brown and a fleck lighter natural was used with a dark pelmet attached to the headrail, all manufactured and installed by colourfulblinds.

Again this would not be for every taste however it is available and something to think about. I have uploaded some images in my gallery at feel free to have a look as i will be continuing to upload more images of work carried out by us, some ideas to explore when considering vertical blinds, if you do have some don’t forget child safety if you have young children, you can get more information about this by calling us or speaking to the British Blinds and Shutters Organisation.

Many Thanks
Team at Colourfulblinds

Image of multiple colour vertical blind

Multi Colour Vertical Conservatory Living

Image of Multi Colour Vertical Blind in Conservatory

Multiple Colour Vertical Diner Conservatory