Blinds and Child Safety

Blinds and Child Safety – It’s everyones business!

Blinds & Child Safety - It's Everyones Business!

Blinds & Child Safety – It’s Everyones Business!

Window blinds are a wonderful invention providing your home or office with efficient shading, privacy and cosmetic appeal. On the flip side window blinds can be dangerous, and over the years Blinds and Child Safety has been an under estimated topic. Cords used within blind systems have been the main issue with regards child safety, accidents have occurred caused by loose blind cords, in some cases leading to death due to strangulation. 

Blinds and child safety is everyones business! As a company we are now advising all our customers of the importance of blinds and child safety, some of the rules you can follows to keep blinds and your children safe:

  1. If you have existing blinds make sure all chains & cords  (especially those ending in a loop) are out of reach of children, in other words short as possible. You can get substitutes for your curtain or blind in form of a wand.
  2. If you are getting new blinds do make sure your advisor tells you about blind child safety devices you can have to hold the looped chain or cord secure to the floor or wall and if you do not have have devices to your existing blinds do get them fitted with child safety devices.
  3. Never put furniture such as a bed, cot or high chair close to the window where a child can easily reach blinds or curtains cords.
  4. Although safety devices are available it’s still advisable to keep an eye on your children and follow the instructions for blinds and child safety provided by your supplier/installer.

With the new regulations now coming onto force early 2014 everyone from those manufacturing, supplying & installing internal blinds will now be responsible for keeping in line with the new regulations to make blinds more safer.

You can also click here to be directed to The British Blinds & Shutters Association where you can also pick up some more information on blinds and child safety.