Double Roller Blinds

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Mirage Roller Blind

Double roller blinds, new product and now manufacturing. We are pleased to boast about our new double roller blind which has been launched in October 2016, our best roller blind shading product with great flexibility in providing shading, privacy and light control.

Whats new about this Double Roller Blind?

We’ll its not just a roller blind, its actually a double roller blind, in other words a roller blind and a Venetian Blind in one, a double roller blind two jobs for the price of one. Even better we have given a elegant twist by using the Louvolite fabric collection called Vision Roller Blinds and the Eclipse hardware called Mirage Roller Blinds combing the practical use and looks.

The Double roller blinds fabric consists of your neutral colours along with great colourful fabrics, you will not be short of choice. Our component build is vast allowing you to choose the finish touch of chrome, brushed chrome, brushed black, white and now our new double roller blinds gun metal hardware, you can build your blinds to your personal taste.

How does it work?

It’s clever it uses a single piece of fabric doubled up with beautiful bands and mesh that go across the fabric that alternate, when rolling the roller blind up or down it uses either the solid bands to shade or the mesh to allow light to beautifully filter through into your room whilst maintaining privacy.

Traditionally with the roller blind, the operation would be to roll the blind up or or down and  the solid fabric would either filter light for standard and dim-out fabrics or black it out completely for blackout fabrics, in other words with a traditional roller blind you would get  either one or the other.

The new Double roller blind comes in a number of beautiful fabric colours and finishes along with other options such as fascia colours, bottom bar colours, end cap colours, chain colours, motorised or standard therefore plenty to choose from to make it as bespoke to your roller blinds requirements.

As a company we pride ourselves in our manufacturing processes to make sure you as the customer get a product with quality along with value and fantastic service, you can check our reviews with Feefo or Trustpilot

You can call us on 0116 316 9866 and book an appointment at our workshop for a demo or if you prefer we can come out to you and bring a sample roller blind allowing you to actually place the sample in the room in question.

We look forward to hearing from you,