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Customer Reviews are crucial to our business. This is why we have now become partners with the well known Trustpilot, an independent company that assists in collating genuine Customer Reviews. As a company it has always been very important for us to deliver our customers the best possible service, getting reviews from our customers is one way in which we can better our service as a company and also our customers can genuinely share their experience with potential customers of how Colourfulblinds has performed for them.

Customer Review process is simple, as soon as the work has been completed Colourfulblinds will generate a request via Trustpilot and generate a review form. The customer then will fill in the review form and submit back to Trustpilot who will validate the transaction.

Customer Reviews will be viewed  by many people, at this point Colourfulblinds will not have any control regards publication, the review then becomes open to anyone visiting colourfulblinds website, you can see the customer reviews on the left hand navigation and are all highlighted by level of stars given, the more stars the better the review. You can also view the reviews directly at the Trustpilot Website for Colourfulblinds.

For more information on Trustpilot you can click here, i am sure you will find the Customer Reviews useful in deciding our services. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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