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Colourfulblinds Business Network Training Programme for only £399

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Have you ever thought of running your own business?

If the answer is yes then Colourfulblinds are looking for business partners around the country, we are simply looking to expand our network of business partners without the large investment required on your side unlike franchises.

So What’s The Model?

Window blinds as a shading product is a growing market with good potential as customers look to refurbish their properties weather they are residential houses or move into a new house, office, schools & colleges, universities, hospitals etc. You will be provided full training on how to run your own blinds business, which will require good practical understanding/skills, communication skills, and the desire to grow your own business.

Colourfulblinds being in the business for over 9 years can now provide full training of how to deal with customers, survey & fit blinds and also any after support you may require for which we are currently offering a full days training at HALF PRICE, for only £399.

The business model is simple and will give you the foundation into entering the window blinds market covering topics such as:

  1. Introduction to Blinds and types
  2. How to measure for different types of blinds
  3. How to fit your blinds
  4. How to order your blinds with us
  5. Tools required for the Job
  6. How to Market your business… and more

At the end of the session we will provide you (included in the Price):

  1. Home Visit Sample kit
  2. Purposely Sourced Tape Measure
  3. Our up to date Price List & Training Notes
  4. Our Support number for any help you require for your business
  5. £100 worth of marketing leads to get you started in your area

Our Goal

Our goal is to support you all the way because we feel your success is also our success. Upon completion of the training you will have gained starting knowledge on how to run your own blinds business, you should be confident enough to go and reach your potential customers. You don’t have to worry about the supplier of your blinds as we will be able to support you in this area and supply you all the blinds we are currently advertising on our website, allowing you to focus on your customers in your chosen area and let us deal with the complexity of blinds manufacturing and delivering to you.

Our training course is comprehensive providing you a head start in understanding of how to continue to reach potential clients and how to run your own business.

Potential Earnings!

Sky’s the Limit! Earning will vary from person to person as it depends on how much time and effort you would like to put into your business and the desire to succeed*, we are here to support you so if you have any questions on what you could potentially earn, we can talk to you about this and advise sensibly.

If you would like to have further discussions you can call us on 0116 316 9866 to speak to us for further information.

*Like running any business, there is an element of risk and we cannot take any responsibility of how you run your own business or how your business performs under your own management.